Well another school year is underway and here at preschool we are seriously amazed at how wonderful these kids have handled the transition. Preschool can be a big thing to get used to with all of the new routines, rules, and procedures to learn and get used to, but this group of children are making it look easy. As expected there are some that are having a little bit of anxiety or uncertainness about coming to preschool, but note that this is completely normal! Especially if this is your child's first ever experience away from you. If you have a child who seems to be settling into preschool effortlessly, consider it a blessing! But if you're finding that your child could use a little help in making the preschool drop-off transition easier, consider the following tips.

  1. Play! Children make sense of the world around them and process their lives through play. Do some play-time at home and use some dolls or stuffed animals and have them experience a transition into a new place. Don't forget to include some helpful coping strategies in your pretending such as talking to a teacher or hugging a lovey.
  2. Be Calm. Children are masters at picking up on nonverbal cues. If you have anxiety or uncertainness about leaving them you better believe they will feel that too. Try to portray a sense of calm and confidence. We promise you that CCP is a wonderful place for your children to grow and develop new relationships outside of your family. Be confident in your decision of sending your child here and portray that as you go about your drop-off.
  3. Be Short & Sweet. Give a hug. Give a kiss. Say goodbye. And then leave. Giving into crying or a clingy child only festers their anxiety and prolongs the goodbye, making it tougher on everyone involved. Leaving promptly gives your child the opportunity to accept the fact that this is the way things are going to be. Don't worry, if you're leaving a crying child a teacher will quickly scoop them up and help them to feel better in no time. Oftentimes tears only last a couple minutes before they are on to bigger and better things.
  4. Don't sneak out. Children thrive on knowing what to expect. Sneaking out will only make your child feel scared and confused.
  5. Send along a little love. We've had children bring in family photos, stuffies, blankets, etc. When your child starts missing you, it can help to have a moment with something that makes them feel close to you.

Through all the drop-offs, easy or otherwise, we can confidently say that 100% of the children at preschool have been growing and having fun. There has been playing and building, pretending and exploring, singing and dancing, and a whole lot of laughing and learning. And all through the busy-ness the teachers have managed to snap a few fun photos along the way. Check them out!


Grandparents Tea Party

We wrapped up our first month of school by celebrating with our families at the Grandparents Tea Party. It was so awesome to watch all preschoolers with their Grandparents laughing, playing, dancing, doing crafts and having a great time!


Halloween Costume Carnival

It's coming up on October 31st from 4:30PM tp 6:30PM. There will be plenty of games, prizes, and treats, plus faceprinting and more. Everyone is welcome and don't forget to wear your costume!

We are looking for donations of the following for our Carnival:
Small toys (like Happy Meal toys)
Little Debi Snacks

September 2019