Preparing for Kindergarten

"Before you dive into what you can teach your child to prepare for kindergarten, remember: kindergarten teachers know that children vary a lot when they start kindergarten. Some kids will have just barely turned five while others will be almost six. Some will recognize just a few letters of the alphabet while others will be reading short words. All of these widely varying academic skills are fine to start kindergarten.

"What matters most isn't what your child already knows when they begin kindergarten, but that your child is ready to learn. Of course, having some background pre-academic skills can make the transition to kindergarten much easier. That's why this resource has been created for parents."

What Your Child Should Learn Before Kindergarten: 17 Things You Can Do To Get Them Prepared For School -

With those things in mind, here is a rough guideline of what your child can practice in order to prepare for kindergarten.

Behavioral/ Social Skills
Plays well with other children
Follows simple rules and directions
Expresses feeling and needs
Shares and waits his/her turn
Uses words instead of actions when angry
Can spend extended time away from mom and dad
Pays attention for short periods of time to adult oriented tasks
Ask questions about things around him/her

Fine Motor Skills
Holds a pencil or crayon properly
Hold scissors correctly
Traces basic shapes/lines
Puts a 10-12 piece puzzle together

Gross Motor Skills
Runs, jumps, and skips
Walks up and down stairs
Bounces a ball
Walks backwards

Academic Skills
Enjoys having books read to him/her
Speaks clearly and in sentences
Recites/recognizes the alphabet
Identifies beginning sounds of some words
Tries rhyming words
Recognizes his/her written name
Tries to write his/her name
Recognizes/ counts numbers to 10
Sorts object by color, size, and shape
Forms groups of 0-5
Understands concepts of first and last

Personal Skills
Knows his/her full name
Manages his/her bathroom needs
Takes shoes off and on
Knows how old he/she is
Buttons or zips shirts pants, coats

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Tips and Tricks

Looking for more ways to get the best of your child? Here we have links to a few articles that may be helpful in promoting your child's independence, encouraging cooperation, and disciplining effectively, among other things.

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